Bringing the Welsh Cobs Home

The purpose of the Bringing the Welsh Cob Home project was to stage a special display and pageant in August 2018 to celebrate the long standing links between Ceredigion and London, as well as marking the centenary of the end of the First World War. ‘Bringing The Welsh Cob Home’ was the main feature of the Festival taking place on the Square Field at the centre of Aberaeron.

The aim was to raise awareness of the role played by the Welsh Cob in the London Welsh dairies as well as the story of the dairymen themselves – a platform that will re-energize the history within Ceredigion’s cultural heritage.

The Festival gave breeders and owners the opportunity to display their ponies and cobs in a unique setting and non-competitive environment, and, in turn, educate others in an informed, informal and fun environment. The Festival also provided a shop window for breeders and an opportunity for all those who own a Welsh pony or cob to be involved in a day that embraces the Welsh breeds.

The celebration invigorated the business profile of Ceredigion’s renowned Cob breeders and further strengthened the important work of the Felinfach based Welsh Pony and Cob Society. Although difficult to measure, a longer-term benefit must also be noted, namely the potential of the story to inspire a new generation of Cardis to work collaboratively and pro-actively whilst utilising their adopted or inherited sense of identity as a central dynamic towards success.

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LEADER Local Development Fund


Cynal y Cardi
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