Co-housing Havan Las

Cohousing is a form of group living, which clusters small, individual homes around a common house - which is the hub of the community with its own kitchen/dining/activity room, shared laundry and vehicles, guest rooms and craft rooms/workshops. The overall site and shared facilities are owned/managed by the residents. Cohousing Hafan Las is a group wishing to create a close, supportive community, with a good mix of people at different stages of life, but at least 1/3 of people over 50.
By building a community of mutual support we are demonstrating a positive approach to all stages of life, embracing new possibilities and having an active involvement in the creation and management of the project. We want to be a show case for groups to visit and learn from our experience, and encourage more examples of this model of living in Pembrokeshire.


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LEADER Local Development Fund


Jan Waite
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01834 860071
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