Coed y Bont Community Woodland Project

The purpose of the Coed y Bont Community Woodland project, in Pontrhydfendigaid, was to pilot new ways that the Coed y Bont Community Woodland Group could use the woodland of 24.2 hectares for the benefit of the community.

The aim of the project was to encourage children to participate in community events and activities, as well as generating an interest in wildlife. To do this the project worked with the local primary school and youth club whilst getting the children to also engage with the Coed y Bont volunteers.  Sequentially this encouraged the children to visit Coed y Bont with their parents and families and participate in activities held there.

As a result of the project's existence, not only did it bring the community together but the children also learnt some new DIY skills and created excellent artwork to better Coed y Bont.  The artwork created, specifically the Pine Marten boxes, not only benefit the community, but also benefit the beautiful animals as it will encourage them to use the woodland following their reintroduction to the area.

The training provided for volunteers has also provided them with the skills and ability to carry out conservation work and woodland restoration to keep the Coed y Bont woodland at its best.

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LEADER Local Development Fund


Meleri Richards
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01545 572063
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