Developing Results-Based Support Mechanisms for Common Land

This Cooperation project will involve 6 Welsh Local Action Groups (LAGs) – Swansea Rural Development Partnership as the lead partner, working closely with the European Forum for Nature Conservation and Pastoralism (EFNCP), the grant applicant, and who is the lead actor and delivery body.

The project will take LAGs together down the road of being ready to implement payments for outcomes support on common grazing land by developing at the grassroots protocols and procedures, which can be more widely applied, and empowering local actors with the experience and knowledge to inform and steer national policymaking.

The project beneficiaries will be:

•    Commoners / Graziers
•    Farming families
•    Communities in areas adjacent to and surrounding selected commons
•    Tourists / visitors
•    Welsh speakers

The project will ensure that commoners and other stakeholders relating to commons have the best possible advantages in terms of capacity to engage with policy to: 

•    Develop Shared Visions - deciding on targets and desired outcomes.  
•    Turn the vision into measurable outcomes.  
•    Link outcomes to payments and payees

Project details

Funding amount:
Funding source:
LEADER Local Development Fund
Welsh Cooperation Projects


Gwyn Jones
Telephone number:
07884 116048
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