Digital Tregaron

A focus group comprising of representatives from Tregaron Town Council and Whilen y Porthmyn was set up to move forward with the regeneration and development of Tregaron town. A consultation identified a need to improve the delivery of information in the town and to improve the marketing and promotion of services, events, organisations and local amenities for both visitors and residents. From this the Caron Digidol was created.

The project aims to purchase an Interactive Information Board and locate it on the square in Tregaron in order to build cohesion within the community, nurture heritage and culture and build a stronger community.

The project activities include – 

  • Purchase and install interactive information board
  • Appoint a volunteer to co-ordinate and gathering information, update the information and look after the day to day running of the board
  • Devise a database of information, organisations and local amenities
  • Training for community members on software
  • Monthly monitoring & reporting to evaluate usage, content etc

Project details

Funding amount:
Funding source:
LEADER Local Development Fund


Meleri Richards
Telephone number:
01545 570881
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