Dyffryn Aeron Cycle Path

The purpose of the feasibility study was to determine the viability and cost of creating a 1.27 mile long cycle path from Ciliau Aeron to the National Trust estate - Llanerchaeron. By doing this the cycle path would then link up with the National Trust’s network of footpaths and the already existing cycle path to Aberaeron.

The aim of the proposed cycle route is to provide local residents and visitors with a safe and sustainable way to travel to not only visit Llanerchaeron but provide access to Aberaeron whilst being able to enjoy and explore the countryside of the Aeron Valley.

The project activities included a feasibility study, questionnaire and consultation event. As well as cyclists and walkers, the results of the study found that people would also use the path to observe nature. The average figures suggest that Cyclists spend £21 on average each visit into a town centre area and walkers spending £26. Not only would The National Trust property at Llanerchaeron enjoy an increased number of visitors, but the new route would increase traffic through 'Pure Ride Cycle Hire' who have a fleet of 20+ adults and children's bikes available to hire, which would help to secure the future of this small business and allowing them to expand, even creating seasonal jobs.


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LEADER Local Development Fund


Cynnal y Cardi
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01545 572063
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