Gower off-road cycle routes

The project is intended to encourage more informal cycling on Gower using the existing network of bridleways as a way of enjoying the countryside, whilst keeping any interaction with cars and motorised vehicles to a minimum. Riders will be able to choose shorter rides and circuits or long distance rides (the entire network is 65km long).  In addition the project will improve the network generally for the benefit of horse riders and walkers.

The promoted cycling routes would be thoroughly waymarked with a marker specific to these routes.  In addition a small amount of works are required on the ground to clear vegetation.

The routes will be promoted by:

  • Downloadable pdf maps
  • Information panels at strategic points (mainly official car parks)
  • Signage along the routes
  • Launch event

The largest element of this project involves altering the network of bridleways to allow legitimate use of routes on which there is presently no right to cycle.

Project details

Funding amount:
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LEADER Local Development Fund


Helen Grey
Telephone number:
01792 636992
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