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The ultimate vision is to develop a fountain in the form of a dragon, a fitting sculpture for a town branding itself as the birthplace of the Tudor Dynasty.  It was the red dragon of the ancient British King Cadwaladr that Henry Tudor chose as his standard on his victorious march to Bosworth.  He was heralded as the Mab Darogan, Son of Prophesy, and heralded in the songs of the bards as the Welshman who would lead his people out of oppression and gain the English throne.  

Should this project be successful, the statue of King Henry VII (which stands on the Mill Bridge) will look down across the Millpond to see the dragon of Wales rise up again. For a long time, the idea of a fountain to aerate the water has been suggested due to the poor water quality of the millpond. The concept of the fountain has also been the catalyst for many ideas which encompass heritage, art and design, science and technology, STEM education and Inspirational Dragons aspires to put all these elements together in an exciting, innovative project.

The aim of this project is to:
1.    Carry out a scoping study into the building of the fountain
2.    Explore the design and technology involved in its working and construction
3.    Build a working maquette of the dragon fountain
4.    In the process to involve the community and schools in the design, working with them to develop resources. 

This project will research and develop a STEM educational project to facilitate the aeration of a man made water pond.  It would consist of activity-led community involvement with Monkton Community Primary School to design and fabricate a water feature in consultation with three professionals who will look at key areas comprising design, the historical and environmental use of pumps and an education programme, which could then be disseminated to other local schools.  

At the end of the scoping study, we will arrive at the stage where the design is finalised, construction and installation problems will be solved and we can approach additional funders in full knowledge of methodology and costings. 

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LEADER Local Development Fund


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