Integrated Renewables – Wind, Solar and battery storage (Feasibility study)

Awel Aman Tawe are looking to develop further renewable energy capacity at their Mynydd y Gwrhyd, site, to maximise the efficiency of the existing development and grid connection, and increase the renewable energy generation potential.
Awel Aman Tawe is seeking a consultant who can provide expertise, knowledge and resources not otherwise available in the community group. Knowledge of wind developments alone and in conjunction with solar PV assets, and knowledge of battery technology will be essential, along with demonstrable experience of assistance with similar projects. 

A feasibility study to consider the following pieces of work.

  1. A solar farm installed alongside the existing 4.7MW wind farm – sharing its existing grid connection. WPD have advised that this could  be achieved in two ways:
  • Export Limitation: Total Generation Capacity up to 1.25 x the connection capacity (5.875 MW total) can be installed and controls will be put in place to ensure that total export is limited to 4.7 MW. The solar and wind could export at the same time (as long as total export is limited to 4.7 MW). 
  • Either/Or Scenario: Could install up to 4.7 MW of solar but would need a proper “interlock” system which means that the solar and wind could never export at the same time.  

2.    A 9MW wind farm extension to the existing 4.7MW site.

3.    Battery storage – we wish this to store excess power from the solar or wind extension site. 




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LEADER Local Development Fund
Neath Port Talbot


Dan McCallum
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01639 830870
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