Mixed Farming

This is a Co-Operation Project between, Powys, Ceredigion and Gwynedd.

Using the framework of the Dyfi Biosphere, the overall aim of this project is to pilot the concept of a data service with ancillary information that encourages movement towards sustainable mixed agriculture and a more resilient local food production economy.

The project proposes a discernible information gateway showing historic agricultural and woodland land-uses in the Dyfi area, integrated with current information on aspects of land use using remotely sensed data.

Demand for food produced using environmentally sound approaches will be evidenced by linking current and prospective producers with a network of local consumers and retailers. Oral histories collected from older generation farmers will add to knowledge of past farmland use and highlight socio-cultural implications of changes in agricultural practice.

The service will:

  • Demonstrate the feasibility and broader social and ecological benefits of mixed agriculture.
  • Provide educators with local source material on the history of land-use and agriculture

Main project outcomes:

  • Information gateway of widespread interest, stimulating the local food economy
  • Broader appreciation of land-use change, and associated opportunities, especially amongst the agricultural community
  • Increased understanding of potential remote sensing contributions to agricultural decision-making
  • Increased understanding of the benefits of empowering communities and integrating food production and the environment

Project details

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LEADER Local Development Fund
Welsh Cooperation Projects


Louise Nicholson
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