Nearly Wild Exploration

The objective is to pilot a methodology for supporting and developing the supply chains of nature-based business, with the ultimate aim of strengthening the nature-based business economy, and thereby contributing to increasing rural economic resilience.

In more detail, the project plans to:

  • Test out our proposed technique for mapping nature-based business, including the research to find and identify nature-based businesses and commercial activity, and the production of a user-friendly infographic business map.
  • Work up a definition of nature-based business that we feel is reliable and meaningful, (e.g. a high capacity chicken farm can be said to be nature-based but would not align with our values around sustainable management of natural resources).
  • Test out a proposed approach for identifying and explaining the supply chains for the nature-based businesses that we map, and our approach to build new and stronger links between the businesses and their buyers (the providers and explorers).
  • Start to create a ‘hive’ of nature-based business in Powys, where businesses are more aware of others in this sector, can explore opportunities for collaboration, and where potential buyers (both local and visitors) can more easily find out about the nature-based products and services that are available in Powys.

The project comprises a four-stage process over 12 months: 

  1. Scoping: identifying nature-based businesses in Powys; identifying key individuals – business innovators, young entrepreneurs,  ‘change of lifers’ taking new directions with work; identifying buyers and supply chains – where are they? What are they seeking?
  2. Opportunity: Analysis of provision gaps and opportunities; Meetings and discussions with key buyers and supply chain organisations e.g. outdoors shops, social media influencers; Generator event, showcasing nature-based businesses and facilitating networking between businesses.
  3. Grow: Join providers and buyers online using the Nearly Wild Exploration online directories; produce showcase material (blogs, voxpops, podcasts etc) including providers and buyers; supporting continued networking towards identifying collaboration opportunities.
  4. Report: Reporting on results and learning through several media including a written summary, a rough-cut video, a visual/infographic.


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LEADER Local Development Fund


Louise Nicholson
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