The Pembrokeshire Remakery at The Green Shed Project

Our project works towards legislation of zero waste by 2050 in the UK. A community approach is needed to achieve this where skills and knowledge are developed to make Pembrokeshire a better place to live in now and for future generations. Currently the Pembrokeshire Remakery is run on a completely voluntary basis and we have already saved 15 tonnes of household items from entering the waste stream. Every tonne of goods diverted from reuse can save 3.45 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, the equivalent of powering the average home for 3 months. We have sold 250 items back to the community at affordable costs and at the time of writing our local volunteers have contributed over 1260 hours of their time and skill which is growing monthly. We now see the need to upscale our operation and run a pilot project with two employed members of staff so we can deliver a more focused and targeted project to enable us to reach our goals.

The Pembrokeshire Remakery Project


Activities we propose to deliver are:

  1. Facilitate and host repair and mending skills training on a 1:1 basis and in groups of up to six at a time. We will host drop-in sessions, workshops and repair cafes for the local community focused around re-use, repair, repurposing and environmental awareness.;
  2. Operate a sales counter providing a local service of affordable second-hand goods and the resale of repurposed items generating a sustainable income stream;
  3. Provide a community hub – with information, support and guidance on reuse and repair, including environmental issues, waste reduction and climate change. We will produce a toolkit to share our learning experiences with others;
  4. To become a leading example in reducing waste that would otherwise go to landfill by taking donations of broken items, fixing them wherever possible, or repurposing them into new items.


It is hoped that some participants will go on to deepen their skills and knowledge, resulting in them set up of their own micro enterprise in the re use and repair sector. As this Remakery project grows, so will the volunteer base with volunteers working and learning alongside the project team every day in every aspect - from repair and mend skill sets to being part of the team to drive the development of the project from organising, marketing and advertising, data recording, retail, and finance. Volunteering can develop new skills, boost confidence and advance career prospects, or help start a micro-enterprise, kitchen table business. Skills and confidence can be gained that combat isolation and loneliness and help people get out and about in the world.

Initially the project will use the skills of local crafts people and specialists, recruiting and working with volunteers to develop skills, encourage independence and autonomy. The project will bring people together where they can usefully engage with others to achieve a sense of purpose, reducing isolation and loneliness. By bringing older and younger generations together the project aims to ensure skills are not lost but passed to others improving health and well-being of future generations and developing a prosperous Pembrokeshire and low carbon society. 

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LEADER Local Development Fund


Nicky Middleton-Jones
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07979 470517
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