Powys Pioneers Digital Heritage Project

Over the past 250 years, Newtown and Mid Wales have been home for an internationally significant and pioneering group of industrial innovators, thinkers and philanthropists, including Robert Owen, David Davies & family, Pryce Jones and Laura Ashley.  This project aims to realise the benefits of this pioneering legacy for Newtown and Mid Wales.

The project seeks to use new digital techniques to protect the Pioneers’ heritage for present and future generations, whilst sustainably contributing to local place-making and socio-economic regeneration goals.  This is a unique combination of approaches that has widespread relevance across Powys, Wales and the UK.

The Options and Feasibility Appraisal proposes to assess which of the available options are the best fit for Newtown and the Pioneers’ heritage, and which are the most feasible going forward.  This assessment can be shared with other market towns, in Powys and further afield, as can the best practice generated and lessons learned during the application of the study’s results, further down the line. 

The key milestone for this project is the delivery of the options and feasibility study.  This study creates the strategy for future work and creates a platform for funders to be able to become involved.  This first phase of options and feasibility study is intended to be completed by 1st May 2019.

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LEADER Local Development Fund
Arwain, the LEADER Programme in Powys - Case Studies
Powys Pioneers Digital Heritage Project


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