A live trial of livestock tracking is being implemented in Caerphilly in collaboration with IBERS (Aberystwyth University). IBERS has also been working with us on exploring the potential uses for natural materials like bracken and wood. Likewise, the Biocomposites Centre (Bangor University) has been exploring the use of our local Welsh Mountain sheep's wool for its potential in (for example) wound care and beauty products manufacture. There are also investigations taking place into possible projects relating to energy generation. In order to take things things further, there will be a need to financially support the new project stages arising out from the initial pilots - and importantly, to have the necessary funds readily available to provide the necessary flexibility and agility to proceed at pace, evolving the projects towards commercial opportunities.

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EAFRD (WG RC_RDP Wales) contribution
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LEADER Local Development Fund
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Kevin Eadon-Davies
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01443 838632
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