Rural Conwy mental health awareness session.

The project will work with a training provider to offer a mental health awareness session to people who work within the agricultural sector, but who are not active farmers, to raise awareness of, and to recognise the symptoms of mental health.

Agriculture is often described as the backbone of rural life and although the lifestyle could be romanticized and seems like a laid-back way of living, the amount of illness that effect farmers are numerous. Be it physical illness or mental, psychological illnesses, farmers are reluctant to talk openly which they could perceive as a weakness.  With curent uncertainties and unknowns within the industry (mainly due to Brexit), many farmers are thinking of diversifying, or changing / adapting their busienss models, or are trying to find answers to complex issues which could effect their livelyhoods.

But, working in the lonely environment that is farming, issues can often be multiplied due to over-worrying and not sharing and talking about their concerns. Recently, there has been a shift in attitude where many famous and well-known people have voiced the importance of talking, and sharing issues which may affect one’s mental health in order to try and normalise the process of openly discussing problems or concerns in order to reduce stress and anxiety. This project will help people identify the symptoms of such illnesses so that help may be sought. 

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LEADER Local Development Fund


Rhys Evans
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01492 576671
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