The Rural Wellbeing Outreach Programme

It is generally agreed that there is a strong correlation between deprivation and mental health.   Data held by Valleys Steps and consultation with stakeholders indicates that there is a need for additional resource to reach the more isolated rural and semi rural communities of Cwm Taf  which often exhibit the highest rates of multiple deprivation.

Valleys Steps has been granted funds to provide an outreach service to the rural communities of Cwm Taf. The outreach would include:

•             Developing links with existing community groups to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing.

•             Delivering psycho-educational programmes to smaller groups

•             Creating volunteering opportunities for beneficiaries as a means to developing a pathway into employment and education

•             Through a partnership with Coed Lleol, Valleys Steps seek to utilise the natural assets of the areas served through outdoor wellbeing activities. This will represent a unique opportunity to pilot a combined offer between Valleys Steps and Coed Lleol.


Central aims of the service will be to improve the wellbeing of individuals engaged and to promote the resilience of the wider community in which they live. In addition to these aims will be the creation of volunteering opportunities to support those furthest away from the labour market back into meaningful occupation via continued volunteering, access to education and paid employment.

The service will be delivered via a blended offer of online provision and community provision one social distancing measures allow. It is a key aim when possible, that this collaborative offer will be delivered in community venues and locations at the heart of the communities it is intended to serve. A central principle will be that of co-production, with beneficiaries playing a lead role in the ongoing development of the service

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LEADER Local Development Fund
Merthyr Tydfil


Harri Evans
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01685 725463
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