Shared Vision for Common Land

To ensure that commoners and other stakeholders relating to commons have the best possible advantages in terms of capacity to engage with policy – understanding concepts, familiarity with terminology, practical experience of trying to quantify public goods delivery, of balancing the needs of different public goods in real places and of distilling the complexity of local variation into a workable measure

To make sure that commons are not afterthoughts but pioneers in terms of this thinking - consider fully the additional complexities which arise due to the legal framework whichapplies to common land and to the socio-economic pressures which make the allocation of rights and responsibilities and the fair reward of effort more difficult on land with multiple sets of rights and variation in the use made of those rights

To ‘fill the gap’ in terms of thinking on supporting public goods delivery on commons by outcomes-focussed approaches, making best use of the ‘down time’ in terms of public work by Government – the project will ‘buy time’ for Government and farming bodies, allowing difficult thinking to be carried out and different approaches to be field-tested while the uncertainties of the current situation limit the scope for Government action.


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EAFRD (WG RC_RDP Wales) contribution
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LEADER Local Development Fund


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