Talybont Play Area

The village of Talybont has never had a playing field for the community, and after the village's adult and youth football teams lost the use of a field they had used for some years they decided to look for suitable land for development.

The purpose of the project was therefore to undertake research which would lead to the creation of a new field located in the centre of the village and available to the whole community. Having identified suitable land, the land in question needed considerable work to develop it into a playground.

Following this, Earth Science Partnership was commissioned to examine the nature of the land in question, particularly in relation to land drainage. This work was undertaken during February-April 2019. Additional research was expected to be undertaken by ESP and, as such, it was proposed to draw up a drainage plan by GEO Turf. However, the Association decided that the project was not feasible, therefore, this element of the project did not go ahead and the project came to an end. 

To begin the feasibility study, GEO Turf Consulting were commissioned and a comprehensive report was received at the end of 2018. During the process a successful open meeting was held in January 2019, which was attended by over eighty residents of the community. 

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LEADER Local Development Fund


Cynnal y Cardi
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01545 572063
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