Upper Neath Valley Development Project Funding Officer Pilot

This project brings together four rural community town councils who have formed a Cluster to employ a Development Officer whose aim will be to explore grant funding opportunities that will benefit all four communities based in the Upper Neath Valley. 

It is envisaged that the officer would provide support to third party organisations in this area, assisting them to develop schemes, projects and events which will benefit the local communities.

The four community councils find it difficult to develop and manage innovative projects within their areas at the same time as carrying out their statutory and other roles. Past reliance on volunteers to undertake this work has meant that many projects do not get off the ground or take several years to bring forward. A dedicated officer will work to bring much needed opportunities and projects to these areas. 

Funding will allow the officer to work with the four communities either on a separate basis or together on co-produced schemes involving common assets in the Upper Neath Valley.

The pilot will ensure that the necessary framework is established, prior to a second phase commencing with funding from a local community fund for the next two years.

With the many grant funding opportunities in the Upper Neath Valley area over the next 15-20 years as a minimum, the post can become self-fundable and sustainable for this period and provide the communities with vital assistance in the form of the benefit of a designated officer to deliver improvements to all four areas.

Project details

Funding amount:
EAFRD (WG RC_RDP Wales) contribution
Funding source:
LEADER Local Development Fund
Neath Port Talbot


Joanna van Tonder
Telephone number:
01639 722961
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