Your voice…your ideas… your chance to help shape a future Sustainable Farming Scheme in Wales

The Welsh Government has appointed leading Welsh economic development company Menter a Busnes to design an engagement exercise which will give farmers across Wales the opportunity to contribute to the development of a Sustainable Farming Scheme.   

For further information and to download and complete the survey, visit

The Co-design for a Sustainable Farming Scheme for Wales project is funded by Welsh Government and delivered by Menter a Busnes

Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs said,“It is important for us to hear first-hand your ideas as we develop a new Sustainable Farming Scheme for Wales to replace the current Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)."

“This is a unique opportunity to explore some of the more practical aspects of the proposals included in the ‘Sustainable Farming and our Land’ consultation."
“We welcome your ideas on the likes of farm sustainability assessments; soil husbandry; animal health planning; farm development strategy; habitat management and the integration of farm woodlands."

“I want to harness your expertise, to help us develop the support you need to tackle the challenges which matter to all of us, such as the ongoing sustainable production of high quality food, tackling the climate emergency and addressing the loss of biodiversity.”  

Eirwen Williams, director of rural programmes with Menter a Busnes, says that the joint engagement exercise will be taken to locations throughout Wales in a bid to reach individual farmers representing every sector of the industry. 

This first stage of our engagement exercise is to invite interested individuals to register and complete a short online survey by visiting

Menter a Busnes will publicise the survey widely through a press, media and social media campaign which will run from Wednesday 11 March and end at 12pm Thursday 30 April. 

“Alongside this, we would urge you to come and talk to us - our staff will be out at local marts in the coming weeks - as we are keen to engage those farmers who prefer to discuss the survey questions directly with staff who can note their responses on their behalf confidentially."

“We want to make this exercise as accessible and simple as possible, so our survey is the starting point to enable us to identify those farmers willing to share their views and help shape the policies which will be so critical to safeguarding the future of family farm businesses, said Mrs. Williams."

The second stage of the exercise will involve farmers expressing an interest in attending a one-to-one, confidential meeting at venues throughout Wales, to ensure that every sector of farming is represented together with a proportionate mix of age, gender, geographical and topographical locations.  Following this, a series of regional group workshops will provide a further ‘feedback mechanism’, enabling Menter a Busnes to submit their findings in a report to the Minister this May. 

Key dates:

•    Register and indicate interest in attending a one-to-one session and/or workshop    06/04/20
•    Complete the online survey    30/04/20

Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs introducing the co-design for a Sustainable Farming Scheme for Wales project:


Information video for the co-design for a Sustainable Farming Scheme for Wales project: