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Why SMART Innovation?

Let’s be honest, ‘innovation’ is a big word that means different things to different people. We’ve learned that it can even put some people off! We know it’s one of those terms that can seem too lofty to be relevant or too vague to be practical, but the reality is any business of any size can benefit from being innovative.

Think about it…for a new business, innovation might mean accessing technology to get a new idea off the ground; for a developing business, it could be help or support to grow a project which you know has legs; and for an established business it might be about bringing in that specialist know-how to give you an international edge, or opening up new export markets. For a lot of businesses, decarbonisation is a must for the future and we have ways of helping with that too.

Whatever innovation means to you – SMART Innovation is a tried and tested way for you to short cut your way through it.

And we know you’re busy so we do it in five easy steps…

  1. You get in touch via our contact form
  2. Where we can help, an Innovation Specialist will make an appointment to meet you
  3. They’ll work with you to develop an innovation action plan
  4. You review, amend and agree the plan
  5. And then you’ll be assigned your own Innovation Specialist

Five steps and a considered plan is worth far more to you than months and years of trial and error which is expensive, exhausting and unnecessary. And you’ve got the added benefit of this support not costing you anything thanks to EU funding – that’s got to be a winner when ordinarily you’d be paying top dollar for this level of consultancy.

And don’t be put off if you’re not a giant in business either, innovation can mean small changes too and the reality the majority of the companies we help are SMEs.

Start your innovation journey - get in touch today.

“The innovation team are able to point us in the right direction at the right time in a number of different sectors which we couldn’t hope to do on our own and it is great to have the support of a genuinely forward thinking public sector team.”

Hugo Spowers, company architect at Riversimple.

If you think you have an idea but are unsure whether your business is ready, we can get one of our Innovation Specialists to give you a call to talk through. 

Find out whether you are eligible for support from the EU-funded SMART Innovation programme here, and let us help you to make your innovation happen. 

“I’d recommend anyone thinking about applying for SMART Innovation support to contact the innovation team. They’ll come to you to discuss your plans and see if and how they can help – it’s the best way for you to understand exactly how they could support your business.”

Peter Webber, founder and chairman of CellPath.


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