Abriox Limited

Newport-based Abriox Ltd., a leading pioneer in remote monitoring, is expanding its international sales thanks to Welsh Government funding.

AD-OAT Project

A collaboration of academics and industrial partners has led the development of a novel poultry feed ingredient with predicted significant market value, set to provide both economic benefits to the poultry sector and improve consumer food safety.


Adventa launches unique product ranges worldwide with Welsh Government innovation support.

Adwell Foods - Welsh Brew Tea

Adwell Foods was set up in 1993 in Mumbles on the Gower Peninsula to manufacture and sell a range of products for the hot drinks market.

Alchemy Expo

Cardiff-based Alchemy Expo, a leading pioneer in corporate exhibition display solutions, is set to expand its services worldwide.

Allied Aerosystems

Allied Aerosystems was founded in 1998 in order to test and calibrate engineered products used primarily within the aerospace sector. With Welsh Government support, backed by EU funding, the Treforest-based company has been able to strategically invest in new machinery which has allowed it to penetrate new markets, open a new premises in Taff’s Well, and grow its workforce.

Analysis Pro

Llanelli-based video analysis consultancy experts, AnalysisPro Ltd, have developed a unique, high quality filming software that has revolutionised performance analysis, expanding the company’s services worldwide.

Bangor University BioComposites Centre

Welsh academics and industrial partners have come together to develop a new wood treatment method which is set to grow the Welsh timber industry.

Bangor University Seaweed Cultivation

Welsh academics and industrial partners are set to access a global seaweed market worth £4 billion after discovering the huge economic value of seaweed in the cosmetic and food industries.