Company formation documents and next steps

Now that you've registered, here are the next steps you need to take to make sure your business gets off to the best start.
next steps for your business - people meeting around a table

Step 1

You need to set up your company formation documents. This is known as your Company Register. You will need to complete these simple forms and keep them saved in a safe place. It’s also worth keeping a backup copy somewhere on file.

A Company Register consists of the following forms:

Step 2

Register with HMRC. If you haven’t already done this, do it now because if you leave it more than three months you could be fined.

Step 3

Set up a business bank account.

Step 4

Things change, but don’t worry. If you need to make any changes, here are the most common forms you might need:

If you have signed up to the Companies House online service, you will be able to update key company information online via the Companies House website.

Step 5

Stay in touch with your Business Advisor as they are available to help you and answers any queries or contact