Market Research

What is Market Research?

It's easy to believe you have an excellent idea for a business, however, if your business is to be a success, you need to confirm and verify that belief.

Understanding Your Market

Your business does not operate in isolation. Knowing what’s going on in the world around you and in the market you operate in and figuring out how it may affect your business is vital. This section looks at what you need to know and provides a framework for how to access the information quickly and easily.

Checking out the competition

Everyone has competitors and it’s important to know who they are and what they offer. This section helps you identify your competition so that you can decide if you are up to the challenge of competing with them.

Identifying your customer

Knowing who is likely to buy your product or service is fundamental to your business. This section explains how to identify your potential customers.

Types of Market Research

Market research is about gathering information to help you make better decisions. This section explains the different ways to gather that information and helps you identify which approach to use and when to use it.

Planning and using your market research

Market research is about gathering information so that you are better informed and can make better decisions about your business. Planning is an important part of the process and, just as important, is actually using the information you gather. This section highlights the key steps in the market research process and provides you with a template to help you plan your market research.