1. Overview

Marketing is all about finding the right customer for your products and services and getting them to come to you. Selling is about taking the order. This section takes you through the steps of the selling process.

2. Selling for success

Not everyone is a natural born salesperson and some people shy away from selling. However, everyone can develop a confident and persuasive selling technique, even if they haven’t had any previous sales experience.

Not every sale happens instantly. Did you know that 73% of customers have 5 or more concerns before going ahead and buying. Answer all your customer’s questions – even those “unasked” questions. Persevere and you will get results.

A series of carefully planned steps

Selling doesn’t happen ‘by accident’. It is a series of carefully planned steps:

  1. Hello: what do you want?

Greet your customer, put them at ease and start asking questions to find out what they want, and why they want it. Make sure you use the customer’s name, maintain eye contact and smile.

  1. Tell: here’s how I can help

Tell the customer how what you are offering gives them the results they are looking for. Show them how it will make things easier for them.

  1. Sell: ask one more time

Answer any question the customer has and clear up misunderstandings. Remember, every answer takes you one step closer to a completed sale.

Take it slowly, no pressure, no pushing. You could say “Have you any other questions before we go ahead?” or “Would you like to try it?” or simply take out your order form and ask “Shall I write the order now?”

Remember, every sale should be a win-win situation. Be prepared, listen to your customer and practise what you say until you are comfortable with it.


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