1. Overview

Getting your message in front of potential customers and persuading them to buy is a challenge. This section helps you identify which techniques to use to achieve the greatest results.

2. Promoting your business

For many people, when they think of marketing, they think of promotion. There are hundreds of tools and techniques you can use to promote your business. The challenge is to get the largest potential audience with the least cost and to get the best results.

Popular marketing tools for you to consider

Newspaper advertisingPRTelemarketingWebsite

Welsh, or other language magazinesDirect mailBrochuresEmail marketing

Consumer magazinesVideoFlyersFacebook

Local newspapersTrade ShowsSales lettersTwitter

Community magazinesExhibitionsPostcardsLinkedIn

RadioEventsReferralsSEO (search engine optimisation)

Online directoriesNetworkingLeafletsPPC (pay-per-click advertising)

Free trial/samplingDoor dropsPresentationsTestimonials and case studies

Before spending money, check this

Before you spend any money on marketing activity, ask yourself the following questions:

  • will I reach my target customers if I do this and, if so, how many?
  • will I be able to tell them how they benefit or the results they get?
  • how much is it going to cost me?
  • will it fit with other marketing activity I am doing?
  • what results do I need to make it worthwhile?


The aim of any marketing activity is to change a stranger who doesn’t know anything about you, your business or your products and services, into a loyal, repeat customer.

To do that you need to take them through these 4 stages – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action – known as AIDA.


Here’s an example of how AIDA works on a business card.

AIDA Business Card

4. Create a winning marketing message

Your marketing message is what grabs your customers’ attention, tells them how you can solve their problem, why they should trust you, and why they should choose you above everyone else.

Don’t just tell them all about your company history and how great you are, that’s dull and boring! Make it exciting and interesting.

Here are some tips to help you create a winning marketing message:

  • speak to your customer and use the actual words they use
  • consider a bilingual message, for example, Welsh and English
  • tell them the results they get from using your product or service
  • create a headline that grabs attention – here’s how:
    • ask a question "Worried about taps that always drip?”
    • start with How to…” – “How to turn heads with a new hair style"
    • issue a command – “Aim high”, “Save money”, “Feel better"
    • announce an important deadline – “Jane’s Funky Flowers Opening TODAY!"
    • offer something free – “FREE report on healthy eating"
    • give them reasons why – “50 Reasons why buying local beats out-of-town shopping"
  • make an offer and give your customers a reason to act now
  • always tell your customer what to do next and when. For example, Call now, Click here, Book an appointment, etc. Make it easy for them to take that action.

This BOSS course will help you learn about or improve your marketing skills.

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5. Planning your promotions

Before rushing in and doing the activity, think ahead and plan your campaign.

Use this promotional planner template (MS Word 17kb) to help you plan your promotional activity.

Use this promotional checklist (MS Word 17kb) before you send out any marketing material.