Top Tips to get your Team on board with Digital Technology Implementation

One of the greatest barriers to adopting digital technology might not be costs or logistics, but rather getting your team fully on board with the changes to their working habits.

Altering the way that your team works could fill them with apprehension about what these changes will really mean to their daily working life. You could face some resistance or reluctance to embrace the new processes, systems or methods of working. Potential issues could also arise if staff aren’t given clear instructions and adequate training, resulting in confusion over how, when and what they should be doing to adapt to this new technology. 

If your team are not ready to embrace the implementation of new technologies, you could find that there are inconsistencies in systems or strategies, rendering the technology useless.

Here are 6 ways that you can help to positively bring your team on board with digital changes:

Communicate the changes

Be clear and open with your staff about the changes that will be taking place. Ensure everyone in the team is aware of the new technology but pay extra attention to those members of staff that will be directly impacted.

Emphasise the benefits

Rather than focusing solely on what will change and the potential disruption to working patterns, share key benefits that your business and employees will enjoy by using the new technology. Will it save your business time? Will it make processes easier? Will it automate activities? Could it make your business more money? Will it help you to win clients or customers? Whatever it may be, make sure your team know!

Listen to concerns

Give staff the opportunity to voice their concerns and questions. These queries could raise potential issues that you may not have previously thought of or highlight training needs that you hadn’t considered. 

Give training and education

Allow staff adequate time and access to resources to understand how the technology will change or support their work activities. You could offer internal or external training, step by step guides or a team training day. By introducing the team to the new technology and helping them to get to grips with it, they are more likely to embrace the changes than be weary of them.

Slowly implement the technology

It’s good practice to implement changes slowly and securely across your business. Try one department or team member at a time to ensure the system is adopted properly. Implementing a system ineffectively across the whole team could result in lost data, inefficiencies and wasted time. Give the team time to get used to the new system to ensure they are using it correctly to achieve your specific goals.

Monitor progress

Once you’ve implemented your new technology, ensure that you monitor the change in activities and outputs. It may take some time before you note any formal growth or successes so be realistic in your aims over the short term. Monitor the progress of employees to ensure the new technology is being used effectively so that you can address any issues or inconsistencies before they become bad habits or big problems.  

Do you know which technologies you could implement to grow your business?

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