Thematic years

In 2015, we announced a 3-year approach to promoting Wales based on a series of annual themes.  
The Year of…

  • Adventure in 2016 
  • Legends in 2017 
  • The Sea in 2018
  • Discovery in 2019
  • Outdoors in 2020
  • Trails in 2023

The strategy is driven by Visit Wales in response to key challenges in promoting Wales as a destination. The thematic years assist in our long-term ambition to grow a stronger and more defined brand for tourism in Wales and give us the opportunity to focus on investment and innovation in tourism while driving an increase in visitor volume and value each year.  

For more information on each theme, click on the relevant link below. Here you will find our industry guides which provide tips, advice and all the information you need to get involved in the theme.  You may also like to take a look at our Visit Wales consumer site (external link).