How to export

If you plan to start exporting or to export to new markets, there are some key things that you'll need to know, including:

  • How to start exporting
  • Whether you need an export licence
  • How to classify your goods for export
  • Sending goods outside the UK
  • Finance, insurance and getting paid
Starting to export

When you start exporting the procedures that you'll need to follow will depend on the type of product or service that you're selling as well as your customer's location.

Do you need an export licence

If your business is considering exporting goods, you will need to check if you need an export licence. Licence requirements may depend on the potential use of the item and where you are exporting to.

How to classify goods for export

All UK businesses must declare any exports to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to ensure that any import VAT, duty, excise or levies due on them under UK and European law are collected.

Sending your goods overseas

Transport and distribution are key considerations when planning for international trade. Choosing the most suitable mode of transport and getting the documentation right is essential to ensure your import or export operation is efficient and cost-effective.

Finance, insurance and getting paid

Setting up the right financial arrangements for your export business is essential. Getting it right will help you avoid bad debts that will adversely affect the profitability of your business.