First steps

Exporting can pay dividends if you invest in sound planning and preparation.

Some of the questions you should consider before embarking on your export journey are:

  • Is my business geared to serve a bigger market?
  • Which should i tackle first?
  • Do I have the resources in place to support my export plans?
  • Are my products or services ready for my target market?
  • Do I have the necessary “know-how” to confidently go into new markets?
  • How can I find out about shipping, international regulations, taxes and import laws… as well as all of the other things I need to know?

Developing your export knowledge

To help get you ready we have a number of tools at your disposal:

  • Export Hub - access thousands of pages on exploring markets, finding clients, checking barriers and managing shipments. 
  • Online export training - learn the fundamentals with these three concise courses.
  • Export guides - from starting out through to getting paid.
  • Webinar recordings - covering guidance & advice, market updates and sector focused topics.

Bespoke support

We can also work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you find the answers to the above questions and more.  The support is specially tailored to meet your specific needs and can cover the following areas:

  • Export strategy
  • Market selection
  • Defining your route to market
  • Financial guidance
  • Export procedures, regulations and logistics
Export Hub

Get the latest information to help you explore markets, find clients, check barriers, manage shipments and much more.

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