Adrian Green


Having worked in the B2B Environment for the past 36 years I am delighted to be involved in the Business Wales Mentoring Programme.

After training as a Metallurgist at British Steel Port Talbot, redundancy forced a change in career to the world of Sales and Marketing.
For the first 20 years I worked for a 100+ employee company whose head office was based in the West Midlands being employed as a Business Development Representative in South Wales specialising in Industrial and Commercial Storage and Interior fit outs.

With success came promotion to Marketing Development Manager then, Sales Director and finally,
Managing Director of their Mezzanine floor manufacturing company. 

However, from the age of 30 I had the burning desire to run my own business! It was when to make that quantum leap from the safe attractive salary, bonus, pension and company car into the unknown!

At the age of 46 and having already set up a successful home-based secretarial services business with my wife, we decided that the time was right to set up our own business using the knowledge and skills I had gained over the past 20 years!

After careful planning we formed ‘Advantage Storage and Handling Limited’ with myself running the Design, Sales and Project Management elements of the business.  The first order of £50 led to the first year’s annual turnover of 200k growing to 1.1 million per annum progressively over the 16 years.

During this period, we moved from home office to industrial premises, took on administration staff and sub contractor’s, built 3 web sites, an e commerce site and organised numerous white label catalogues.
We worked carefully through a recession taking the necessary steps to continue our success.
As in any successful business we worked long hours but enjoyed the work, chose and appreciated our customers and also played hard!

In December 2018 we sold the business and retired in Pembrokeshire with myself available to offer guidance to others in Wales who are about to start the journey we have now completed!

Business top-tip

Invoices and Sales to be treated with the same importance. Better no business than bad business!
Be a chameleon, engaging those who work with you!
Presentation, knowledge and simple marketing are king!

Adrian Green
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    Adrian Green
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