Hayley Wheeler

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In 2012 Hayley stepped into self-employment as a life coach, and has since streamlined her services to offer coaching to adults and children specifically for anxiety, depression and stress.

Hayley is an emotional empowerment coach, author, motivational speaker and the creator of the Dynamind coaching model for emotionally-empowered business, life and leadership.

Her current business is the result of over twenty-five years of empowering children and adults, where Hayley has had the pleasure of facilitating transformational results.

In 2007 she set up her first business as a beauty therapist, building the business around a full time job and four children with the aim of leaving work, in 2009 the business closed.  I now know that she didn’t have the knowledge, support and networks to make it work at that time.  This didn’t stop her.

Hayley now works with a diverse client base of business leaders, managers, and professionals, as well as children, parents and victims of domestic abuse. Her work helps to improve quality of life through increased emotional awareness and personal growth. 

Hayley is also currently studying for a Masters as she feels learning is development and she loves to develop.  She ahs fallen into mentoring small businesses naturally and is passionate about helping business owners recognise their potential and achieve their goals.

Business top-tip

Listen to everyone and take away the information that will help you with your business, the experience of others is an opportunity to learn, grow and develop.

Hayley Wheeler
Hayley Wheeler
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    Hayley Wheeler
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    Just the Beginning
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    Business owner / Coach
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