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Support to export guide

Welsh Government has a comprehensive range of support mechanisms to help you on your export journey.  Our support can help you with

First steps

Exporting can pay dividends if you invest in sound planning and preparation.  Some of the questions you should consider before embarking on your export journey are:

  • Is my business geared to serve a bigger market?
  • Which market should I tackle first?
  • Do I have the resources in place to support my export plans?
  • Are my products or services ready for my target markets?
  • Do I have the necessary “know-how” to confidently go into new markets?
  • How can I find out about shipping, international regulations, taxes and import laws ... as well as all of the other things I need to know?

We will work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you find the answers to all these questions and more.

The support is free of charge and specially tailored to meet your specific needs and can cover the following areas:

  • Developing your export strategy
  • Selecting the best market for you
  • Defining your route to market or in-market partner
  • Financial considerations such as pricing, payments, currency and tax, to name a few
  • Getting to grips with export procedures, regulations and logistics

To help get you ready we also provide fully subsidised workshops on a range of topics, including:

  • Market overviews
  • Smart exporting
  • Managing distributors and agents
  • Understanding Incoterms 2010 ® Rules

We can also assist you to access other sources of help such as UK Trade and Investment, the Chambers of Commerce and the Institute of Export.

How to find opportunities

When you’re confident that you’re ready, you’ll need to start looking for the opportunities in your chosen market.  We know that’s easier said than done because a difference in culture and language can make it difficult to find – and communicate with – the people you want to do business with.

Using our global contacts, we can help you to connect with your ideal partner or customers.  We have access to experts on the ground in foreign markets – people who speak the language, understand the business customs and know how best to approach your customers.  We contribute 75% of the cost of eligible projects.

Our worldwide network can:

  • Provide business information at the local level
  • Advise on local trading conditions and regulations
  • Identify and contact potential customers, agents or distributors

Arrange face-to-face meetings with interested parties and even accompany you if you need that level of support

Getting to market

Modern communications make it easier and cheaper than ever to get in touch with contacts all over the world.

However, it still holds true that people like to do business with people, and you will find that there’s no substitute for meeting your client face to face.

We can help you get to your market.

You could join one or more of the many trade missions that we run each year.  Our missions provide opportunities for you to engage in game-changing discussions with potential agents, distributors and even new customers; and our choice of destinations reflect current international developments, to give you the best possible chance of finding new business.

We also exhibit at global trade-shows, enabling businesses to showcase their products and services on the world stage; and in some substances we will even contribute towards the costs of your own exhibition or international business development itinerary.


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Events map
Events listing
Event Event date City Country Sector
Export Market Visit to Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro Sep 9 2018 to Sep 15 2018 United Kingdom ICT
Export Market Visit to United Arab Emirates Feb 16 2019 to Feb 22 2019 Dubai United Arab Emirates Multi-sector
Aero India Feb 18 2019 to Feb 25 2019 Bangalore India AM&M
Export Market Visit to China & Hong Kong Mar 2 2019 to Mar 8 2019 Shanghai & Hong Kong Multi-sector
Export Market Visit Sweden & Denmark Mar 10 2019 to Mar 15 2019 Stockholm & Copenhagen Multi-sector
JEC World Paris Mar 11 2019 to Mar 15 2019 Paris France AM&M
GDC Mar 17 2019 to Mar 24 2019 San Francisco United States Creative
Export Market Visit to Australia Mar 23 2019 to Mar 29 2019 Sydney Australia Multi-sector
GISEC 2019 Apr 1 2019 to Apr 4 2019 Dubai United Arab Emirates ICT
Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Apr 2 2019 to Apr 4 2019 Hamburg Germany AM&M
Export Market Visit to Qatar Apr 27 2019 to May 2 2019 Doha Qatar Multi-sector
Export Market Visit to South Korea May 31 2019 to Jun 7 2019 Seoul South Korea Multi-sector
Bio USA Jun 3 2019 to Jun 6 2019 Philadelphia United States Life Science
Export Market Visit to South Africa Jun 8 2019 to Jun 14 2019 Johannesburg & Cape Town South Africa Multi-sector
Paris Airshow Jun 16 2019 to Jun 21 2019 Paris France AM&M
FIME 2019 Jun 26 2019 to Jun 28 2019 Miami United States Life Science
Export Market Visit to Chile Jun 30 2019 to Jul 5 2019 Santiago Chile Multi-sector
Export Market Visit to Japan Sep 27 2019 to Oct 5 2019 Tokyo Japan Multi-sector
Export Market Visit to Kuwait & Oman Oct 6 2019 to Oct 11 2019 Kuwait & Muscat Multi-sector
Money 20/20 Oct 26 2019 to Oct 31 2019 Las Vegas United States F&PS
ADIPEC 2019 Nov 9 2019 to Nov 15 2019 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Oil & Gas
Medica 2019 Nov 17 2019 to Nov 23 2019 Dusseldorf Germany Life Science
Big 5 Dubai Nov 24 2019 to Nov 29 2019 Dubai United Arab Emirates Construction
Arab Health 2020 Jan 28 2020 to Jan 31 2020 Dubai United Arab Emirates Multi-sector
Export Market Visit to Ireland Feb 10 2020 to Feb 14 2020 Dublin Ireland Multi-sector
Singapore Airshow Feb 10 2020 to Feb 16 2020 Singapore Singapore AM&M
Export Market Visit to China & Hong Kong Mar 1 2020 to Mar 6 2020 Shanghai & Hong Kong Multi-Sector
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