Welsh Government would like to invite your company to participate in its virtual export market visit to South Africa.  


Why South Africa? 
South Africa is a sophisticated and promising market, offering the combination of a well-developed First World economic infrastructure with a vibrant emerging market economy. South Africa has abundant natural resources, a well developed banking system; good infrastructure with major capital injections to upgrade this further; a business culture that is not too dissimilar from that of the UK and it is the gateway to other African markets.

Why participate in a virtual export market visit?
This virtual visit will provide you with the opportunity to showcase your company, gain valuable contacts and build your exports in this market.

By participating in this virtual visit, you will benefit from:

  • Cost effective means of exploring the market without leaving your office or home
  • Overview of the market and an update on the current situation
  • Tailored matchmaking with potential business contact in and decision makers in this market
  • One-to-one support from our in-market representative
  • Inclusion in any digital marketing material

The Cost
The Welsh Government is currently offering free introductory places on its virtual export market visit to Welsh based companies looking to export to South Africa.  This virtual visit includes:

  • Virtual market briefing
  • Arranging virtual meetings with up to 3-4 business contacts and decision makers in this market
  • One-to-one support from in-market representation
  • Inclusion in any digital marketing material

You Commitment
This virtual export market visit will take place over 8-12 weeks and the video calls can take place from 9 – 2 am. Please note that this will not be every day and you will be given notice of when the meetings will take place. Times and your availability will be confirmed at your one to one meeting.
The Welsh Government is investing in this mission, so whilst this is free for you to participate, we strongly recommend that you only apply if you can commit to the times for the meetings being arranged for you.

Recruitment for this event is now closed

*Subject to eligibility.