Managing assets: Premises and equipment

Any premises and equipment used or owned by your social business needs to be managed appropriately, taking the following areas into consideration.

Ensure that your offices or hired venues meet healthy and safety requirements. 

Carry out appropriate risk assessments of all premises used. 

Further guidance:

See Business compliance: Health and safety section

Ensure that any equipment you own is regularly maintained and easily used by staff and volunteers.  Ensure staff and volunteers have appropriate insurance in place for car use. 


Ensure the personal security of your staff and volunteers particularly if working alone or with vulnerable clients. 

Ensure the physical security of premises and assets to minimise the risk of theft etc. 

Further guidance:

HSE Protecting Lone Workers 

HSE Lone Workers: How to Control Risk 

Under the Equality Act 2010, you need to ensure that you make reasonable adjustments to your place of work for people with disabilities. 

You also need to ensure suitable access for your users and the wider community. 

Further guidance:

HSE People with Disabilities