Ensuring compliance: Governance systems and records

Set up and ongoing requirements. Actions to take:

Agree a timetable of Board meetings

Agree timetable of meetings for the Board (and any sub committees) for the year ahead. It is good practice to plan for regular Board meetings throughout the year with quarterly meetings held as a minimum. 


Registers of members, Board members, etc. 

Set up your registers for recording details of members, Board members and officers. These can be electronic or manual. 

The key is always to maintain up to date information to inform annual returns and regulator reports.


Templates for your company register:

Register of interests

Set up a register of interests for your Board members as part of your conflict of interest monitoring. Each Board member should provide a declaration form setting out their individual interests in other organisations so that your business is aware from the outset of any potential conflicts that may arise.  

Board members should complete annual declaration to ensure the register of interest is kept up to date. 


Companies House: Directors Duties 

Charity Commission:  Conflict of Interest Guide 

Written delegations - financial delegations 

Identify any sub committees and delegations required and develop the appropriate terms of reference and written delegation authorities.

Calendar of key business governance and operational dates 

Establish a calendar mapping out keydates over a 12-month period. Include Board meetings, Annual General Meetings, regulatory reporting deadlines, renewal dates for key contracts and policies, project reporting dates etc.