Business Wales aims to support Businesses in Wales to prepare for Brexit. The following six guides provides an overview of what possible challenges businesses face and what you can do to prepare for each.

Are you prepared?

Six key business area guides

  1. Business Strategy and Operations

    While identifying risks and possible challenges, consider different scenarios and prepare various plan of action to sustain growth and deliver cost-effective products and services

  2. Innovation and Data

    Investing in product/services development helps increase productivity and gain competitive edge. Businesses should also look into what changes may affect licences and agreement related to Intellectual Property rights

  3. Sales and Marketing

    While identifying risks and possible challenges, prepare a plan of action to achieve competitiveness and meet market needs through strong branding and marketing strategy

  1. Export, Import and Transport

    Identifying possible challenges, consider different scenarios and prepare a plan of action, review current contracts or enter into new market to deliver products/services overseas to increase market

  2. People

    People are key assets in any business, identifying possible risks and finding key areas for consideration to enhance future skills performance and structural management to achieve a successful workforce

  3. Finance

    While businesses may face financial challenges, it’s important to consider alternative options and build finance resilience, having efficient and effective financial management to achieve business objectives

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