About Big Ideas Wales

Big Ideas Wales is here to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs in Wales and encourage young people 25 and under to develop enterprise skills whatever the career choice.

Our website provides an introduction to business for younger audiences and makes the right links to our main site https://businesswales.gov.wales/ to help build knowledge of business; with tools, information and help for those who want to start a business.

25 years old and under? Big Ideas Wales can help you:

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  • Get some inspiration about what you might want to do in the future
  • Find out a what it’s like to start your own business
  • Hear from other entrepreneurs in Wales (who share their stories and top tips!)
  • Discover more about yourself with useful guides and self assessments
  • Help you generate ideas and think them through
  • Get involved in enterprise and take advantage of opportunities and workshops
  • Learn about key business topics and links to improve your knowledge
  • Find out what’s happening in your college or university and how to get involved!
  • Find out what “business support” is all about and who might help
  • Join like minded young people on our social media channels Facebook,Twitter and Instagram

Big Ideas Wales – for Partners: 

We are also here to help partners - teachers, tutors, youth leaders and organisations that work with young people to develop enterprise skills.

  • Information about the services available with Big Ideas Wales for our partners;
  • Provide tools and resources to support curriculum and help teachers and tutors deliver entrepreneurship education in Wales;
  • Provide information about the projects that support YES and how to get involved
  • Make appropriate links for young people between the activity and support provided by all under the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy (YES) Action Plan;
  • Find out about a range of partners and what they can offer to help.

It’s about helping you be enterprising and it’s about helping our partners get together to support you! We have a dedicated site for people who work with young people here.