The Entrepreneurship Exchange for Parents and Guardians

Are you a parent of someone who's always coming up with ideas, who wants to work for themselves or start a business and you aren't sure how to support them? Do you need to learn more about the world of enterprise, entrepreneurship and business? Maybe you want to encourage your child to be entrepreneurial whilst working for somebody else? We've worked on a new one-stop-shop for resources which you'll find below. Please keep checking back as we'll update it monthly with new links and resources.


5 Jul 2022
Blockchain, NFTs and Crypto – The Future
A discussion and interactive Q&A around Blockchain,...
12 Jul 2022
Etsy Know How
Looking for new outlets to sell your crafted products,...
15 Jul 2022
Pricing your business
Top Tips on getting the pricing right.  
20 Jul 2022
Want to work for yourself? Is Self-employment For Me?
Do you fancy working for yourself, but not sure...
26 Jul 2022
New Business Networking
Taking the fear out of the term ‘business networking’...
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