Big Ideas Wales Resources to share with your networks

A bank of resources to help you promote Big Ideas Wales services that we are co-delivering to young people in a consistent and engaging way.

It includes literature, images, and text copy for you to use in your own communications to attract more young people to think about starting a business. Everything is provided in Welsh and English:


  1. A blank A4 poster for you to use digitally or print off
  2. "What is Big Ideas Wales?" Email or web copy 
  3. Learn about entrepreneurship - A5 flyer

4. Be your own boss - A5 flyer

5. Entrepreneurial Routemap

6. Young Entrepreneurs' start up guide

19 May 2022
Research Your Market
Figuring out if your product or service will sell is...
24 May 2022
Creating a Business Plan
A business plan is an important tool, when setting...
26 May 2022
Getting to Grips with Financial Forecasting
Working out your finances can be a headache, but...
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Here's the Welcome pack that Big Ideas Wales have put together for new students from September 2020