The Entrepreneurship Exchange for all others who support young people

Do you work with young people and want to learn more about how to introduce entrepreneurship into a conversation? Maybe you know a young person who's had a business idea and you aren't sure how to support them. We've worked on a new one-stop-shop for resources which you'll find below. Please keep checking back as we'll update it monthly with new links and resources.

24 May 2022
Creating a Business Plan
A business plan is an important tool, when setting...
26 May 2022
Getting to Grips with Financial Forecasting
Working out your finances can be a headache, but...
30 May 2022
Success in the Fitness Industry
Getting you on the fast track.
7 Jun 2022
Turning your crafting into a business
Have you thought about turning your hobby or passion...
10 Jun 2022
Who needs an office anyway?
Work From Home Practices For Your Business 
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