Selling Online

10 Top Tips to boost your Online Sales

An e-commerce website is a great way for you to grow your audience and connect with new customers everywhere. 

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As customers carry out more of their lives online than ever, it's vital that a business looking to growing in the digital era embraces new trends, popular platforms and opportunities to sell. 

However, if you want your e-commerce site to succeed, you need to consider how your site will stand out against competitors, exceed customer expectations and help you increase sales.

Remember, you're not just restricted to selling your idea on a website. There are now so many opportunities to sell on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, selling and auction sites and apps for your phone and tablet. Choose the right one for your idea and go with it! 

Read 10 Top Tips from Superfast Business Wales to help you get started! 


Whether you're using your own website or selling your products and services through a specialist platform, the most important factor of a successful ecommerce website it its usability. 

The customer journey should be smooth and hassle-free, with all links, buttons and payment options working without friction. Any issues that annoy your customer could lead them to click away or abandon the purchase

Your ecommerce site should be mobile-friendly. More consumers are researching products and services online before making their purchase, so it’s vital that your website is fully functioning on whatever device the user chooses

When it comes to the layout, structure and design of your ecommerce website, it’s all about the customer! Your website should be shaped around the customers’ needs. Start by considering what you can improve to make their buying journey straight-forward, easy and enjoyable.

Make sure you are promoting your products and services well. Unappealing or low quality images and rushed, bland copy is not going to make someone buy from you. Your photographs should be clear, honest and visually interesting and the content should be engaging and informative.  

Hiding charges is likely to put off customers. Ensure all costs are included up-front and offer the customer as much information as possible about their order, expected delivery times, various delivery options and any added extras.

In the digital age, data protection is vital! Reassure your customers that you care about protecting their online information by prominently positioning relevant security badges or messages on your website. Ensure you are being clear about how you use and store data.  

Customer feedback provides you with the perfect opportunity to make targeted improvements to your ecommerce website. Understand your customers’ wants and needs to make improvements and meet their expectations.

The journey from researching and adding an item to basket through to entering payment details and completing the purchase should be straight forward and require as little redirection as possible. Consumers can become bored and distracted if they need to click through an unnecessary amount of pages and enter too many personal details.

The journey doesn’t end at the basket. Remind your potential customers of the items they have stored in the basket and encourage them to return and finish the journey. Read the Superfast Business Wales blog with tips to help reduce abandoned carts.

Help your customers in their decision to purchase by including customer recommendations and reviews on your website. Reviews and star ratings will add an important touch of authenticity that consumers are searching for in the digital world.

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