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All the information you need to join the network as a role model, young ambassador or speaker, details of how to get involved with Big Ideas Wales and how to thrive as part of the network all in one space.

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By joining our Big Ideas Wales network as a role model, young ambassador or occasional speaker, you can make a real difference to the lives of young people all across Wales, encouraging them to open their minds to new ideas and opportunities through entrepreneurship and business. We will help you develop your personal entrepreneurship story and support you all the way. 

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Our ‘role models’ are real business people with interesting, inspiring stories that capture the imagination of young people and communicate honestly the realism of being their own boss. They pass on their passion for creativity and success and help young people think positively about their own future.

Role models are required to prepare an Inspirational Workshop which they will deliver to young people, typically aged between 13-24 years old, at scheduled events and classes within an educational or community setting. These workshops usually last for about one hour, are a mixture of story telling and activities, and are delivered on site at schools, colleges and universities which will be organised via the regional coordinators.

Read through the profiles to give you a flavour of the wide range of business owners currently within the Role Model network.

We are committed to helping raise awareness of entrepreneurship, and by being part of the diverse role model network you can promote a positive “can do” attitude and challenge perceptions of business start up to young people in schools, colleges and universities, as well as in community groups. There are also exciting opportunities to have a role in a range of our events, such as Bootcamp To BusinessBig Ideas Celebrated or Enterprise Troopers Primary School Competition!

By becoming a ‘role model’, you can make a real difference to the lives of young people all across Wales by encouraging them to start their own business and open their minds to new ideas and opportunities that exist.

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Here are 5 great reasons why you should give it a go:

  • Meet like-minded business owners

  • Make a difference to young people’s future

  • Challenge ideas and perceptions of enterprise

  • Inspire young people in education

  • Challenge yourself by presenting to a new audience

Getting involved and volunteering your time with the project demonstrates your commitment to the community and actively encourages employer engagement with education. In recognition of this, a nominal financial contribution will be made towards any costs incurred in a role model’s participation in the project.

Please click here to see eligibility criteria of what is required to join the network.

Application Process

If you meet the criteria and wish to be considered as a role model, you will be need to complete the Role Model Application Form  which requires you to provide information about your business profile, including your experience of becoming an entrepreneur.

Step 1 – Prepare notes – it is advisable to prepare your notes to support your application in a separate Word document prior to launching the application as the application form does not allow you to ‘Save’ once started. Please use this Background Template to prepare and save your answers which you can then copy and paste over into the application form. Please retain this as it will also help you prepare for the induction training.

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Step 2 – Review agreements – You will be required to confirm your consent to the following agreements by completing and submitting your application:

  • Big Ideas Wales Terms and Conditions

  • Agree to the DPA Statement and understand how we will use this information

  • The creation of your profile on the role model inspirational stories page

  • Code of Conduct - to be presented at Induction Training

  • Privacy Policy

  • Agree to undertake vetting checks

  • Agree to attend Induction Training

If you'd like to find out more about your Safeguarding responsibilities as a Big Ideas Role Model, take a look at our Safeguarding FAQs.

Step 3 – Complete the online application.  

Role models will be expected to commit to attending induction training and to deliver at least ten sessions over a 2-year period.

Step 1 - Firstly you will be required to attend a 1 ½ day’s induction training which will be jointly delivered on behalf of the Welsh Government by a training consultant and the Big Ideas Wales delivery team. The training will be delivered over a separate period of 1 ½ days, usually a week apart at agreed locations and venues across regional areas of Wales.

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The main aims of the training are to:

  • Meet other Role Models

  • Understand the vision and values of Youth Entrepreneurship Services

  • Understand the audiences and how best to engage them

  • Develop your workshop and style of delivery

  • Understand the practical arrangements for delivering your workshop

  • Feel inspired to inspire others!

Step 2 - Shadow an experienced Role Model.  Once you have completed the training, you will also be expected to shadow an experienced role model for training and observation purposes. This will be arranged through your regional contact for each area.

Step 3 - Enjoy it! Once the shadowing exercise has been completed, your regional coordinator will arrange bookings for you to deliver your inspirational workshop with schools, colleges and universities as appropriate.

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To learn more about the policy behind Big Ideas Wales, and why the Welsh Government delivers youth entrepreneurship support, read through our introduction to the youth entrepreneurship strategy here

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In this video, Sian explains in more depth how to use the Big Ideas Wales website in more depth - find out more about how the website is useful for you to encourage young people, help them with their confidence and show them the routes into accessing support from us and other partners.

For now, you might find this video useful for some audiences you deliver with:

There are so many ways to get involved whether you join as a role mode, young ambassador or occasional speaker.

  • Presenting your story in inspirational workshops
  • Helping young people develop their business ideas
  • Judging at showcase competitions such as Enterprise Troopers
  • Sharing your experiences online through videos and social media
  • Delivering webinars and workshops
  • Networking with the other role models, sharing ideas and experiences

Thank you role models - 300,000 young people inspired. Read about it here

Keep checking in for future networking events, information and updates!

If you need to get in touch with someone, email your regional executive or get in touch with the team at