Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy

Prosperity for all: Economic Action Plan outlines the Welsh Government's vision to grow our economy inclusively and spread opportunity and promote well-being.  In equipping individuals  for the changing world the plan outlines a commitment to develop  an entrepreneurial culture in Wales, to deliver more start ups and more innovation driven enterprises. 

Prosperity for all:  Education in Wales (Our national mission) action plan focuses on raising standards for all, reducing the attainment gap, and delivering an education system that is a source of national pride and public confidence.

Relevant documents:

Economic Action Plan
Employability Action Plan
Education Action Plan

Grŵp gyda'u gwobr

The Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy (YES)  2010-15 provides an ongoing vision  and structure to equip young people aged 5-25 with entrepreneurial skills and attitudes to raise their aspirations, so they can fulfil their potential whatever they choose to do.  Young people  remains the main focus with education, business and the community all with crucial roles to support them.

Our vision
To develop and nurture self-sufficient, entrepreneurial young people in all communities across Wales, who will contribute positively to economic and social success.

The themes of YES Strategy remain the focus of Welsh Government’s delivery programme for 2015-2020:
1.      Engaging: Promoting the value of entrepreneurship to create opportunities and develop young people
2.      Empowering: Providing young people with entrepreneurial learning opportunities
3.      Equipping: Supporting young people to create and grow businesses

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Entrepreneurship is not something special that a few people are born with. Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking that can be nurtured.

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