Getting your business idea in front of potential customers is the number 1 way your business will grow. There are so many ways to market your product/service and it is difficult to know which one is right for your business. 

The key things to remember are: 

  • Brand - understanding the difference between a logo and a brand can make a big difference to the effectiveness of your business. First impressions count and every business needs its own brand identity. It can help you to attract the right customers and keep them as long as you make sure your business lives up to its brand promise. Everything you and your staff do can affect the brand so make sure your business appears to its customers the way that you want it to. Take a look a the Business Wales guide Branding and their Marketing Zone - it might just give you some ideas for your own brand. 


  • Advertising - without advertising, how will anyone hear about your business? And we don't just mean huge advertising campaigns, advertising can be as simple as a poster/leaflet in your local area. It is a great way to generate interest in your business, increase sales, attract new customers and to gain exposure of your brand/image. Take a look at the Business Wales Guide on effective advertising. Social media is also a great way to advertise your business so make the most of it! Set up a page and get everyone you know to spread the word! 


  • PR - The  most common way to ‘land’ a story in your local paper is by writing a Press Release – keep it short, snappy, informative and written in in a style to suit your customers. Getting your name in the local paper for the right reason can be great for your business. It raises your profile and makes would-be customers more likely to come to you than a rival – simply because they’ve heard of you or been reminded of you. Because they get loads of these every day, it’s worth putting some effort in to making yours as good as possible. Take a look at some useful information  on writing an effective Press Release. They also have a very handy PR checklist


  • Social Media/Web -  More and more small businesses are setting up websites as more people are turning to the web for information therefore a  website is an essential part of the marketing strategy.There's a great guide on setting up your website. Social media is a great way to communicate with your customers and display your brand effectively and they're usually free to sign up to! It is important to choose the right platforms to suit your business and target market. Take a look at Business Wales' social media guide for more information. 


  • Marketing on a budget - you can market your business by spending very little. Make the most of social media and how powerful they can be, as long as you read up on the above guides first. Email is another great free marketing tool. Use it to keep in touch with customers via newsletter for example. Just make sure you stay up to date with GDPR guidelines

For further information on anything to do with marketing, the Business Wales Marketing Zone is a great place to look!