Starting a Business Part Time

It's a big step to start your own business but you don't have to jump straight into it full time. 

If you are still in education, have young children or just want to ensure that your business idea will work, it might be better for you to start a business on a part time basis first. 


To find out more, read the Business Wales Guide on Starting a Part Time Business

  • You can carry on in paid work with the security of a regular income until the business is up and running
  • It is a way of having an income if you have obligations such as caring for dependents 
  • If you have a hobby or passion project that you would spend time on anyway, you could make money from your interests
  • You can use skills you have learned whilst working for an employer in starting and building your own business
  • You can test whether there is a market for your product or service

  • Finding the time to run the business - it may take up more time than you think
  • It may take longer for the new business to develop and become viable
  • Could be hard to concentrate on your paid work, particularly if the business has a problem