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Competition Categories


Best Business Skills Awards

  • School 6th Form

  • Further Education

  • Higher Education

  • Outside Education

These Awards will recognise the entries that achieve the most outstanding results in the following areas:

1. Business Model

The judges will be looking at:

  • Concept – the idea and the need

  • Customers – size of the market, who and how to get to your customers

  • Competitors – who are they, what do they do well and why will customers choose you over them?

  • Compatibility – passion, resilience, communication, planning and network of support.

  • Cash - Cash/funding sources needed to start, will it be profitable?

2. Pitch

At the Showcase event each finalist will deliver a 2 minute pitch to a panel of judges.  The Pitch is your chance to sell your business or enterprise project into a short, snappy summary.

3. Interview

At the Showcase event you will be interviewed by a number of judges at your display.  The interview is to establish your knowledge of the business enterprise, what skills you have developed and if you are working in a team, how well you worked together.

4. Display

The entry with the most eye-catching and engaging display stand at the Showcase event.  The judges will be looking for displays that stand out and create a great overall impression of your business. Feel free to be as creative as you wish and make use of electronic presentations, video and interaction to engage with visitors to your stand.


Environmental Impact Award

Do you have an idea or have you been part of an enterprise activity that reduces or solves an environmental problem?

This category is all about recognising the positive environmental impact your business, idea or activity will/has made.


Social Impact Award

Have you taken part in an activity that has raised money for your local community? Have you identified a social problem and have the solution? Does your business, idea or activity have social impact or address a social problem? This award will go to the entry that is making a difference in the global community we all live in.


Creativity and Innovation Award

This category is all about creativity and innovation across the whole of your business enterprise, not just the product or service itself. 

We are looking for outstanding innovative approaches to identifying your business idea, how innovative your product or service is, creative and innovative use of digital technology and ways in which you have marketed and sold your product or service.

Make sure you highlight your strengths in:

  • Problem solving

  • Lateral thinking / ideas generation

  • Spotting and creating opportunities

  • Transforming ideas into action

Team Spirit Award

This category will be awarded to the team that shows extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit through exceptional partnership and teamwork in developing and delivering their business enterprise.


Future Entrepreneur / Individual Award

Do you dream big? Do you aspire to become Wales’ next top entrepreneur?  The winner of this award will be selected from ALL individual applications received which showcase the talent and abilities of the Future Welsh Entrepreneur of the year.


The 10% Entrepreneur Award

Many people are unable to commit 100% of their time into starting or growing their business. We understand that it can be a challenge to run an enterprise whilst in full time work or education. This award recognises those entrepreneurs who wish to discover new opportunities by sharpening and developing their skills in full time education or training, whilst generating extra income through their business in their spare time.



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