Adam George
InHouse Entertainments
In a nutshell:
Events entertainment provider to the corporate and private sector
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InHouse Entertainment is an events entertainment provider to the corporate and private sector. They specialise in inflatable attractions, electronic games and logistical support. In order to provide this, they manufacture all of their own equipment within their Swansea based factory.

People will always try to put you down but never give up.

Adam George -InHouse Entertainment

This business was created from scratch by skydive enthusiast, Adam George, who believes that it is important for people in business to keep up with their hobbies outside of work in order to have a sometimes much needed release (hence his need to jump out of aeroplanes!).

Adam has always been interested in the business world and making money and says that his company’s start date is different to its official start date on paper, as he actually began planning it in school, at the age of fourteen with his friends.

Whilst setting up the business Adam has had to deal with financial setbacks such as wanting to avoid debt, which meant that he has had to take a longer time to grow the assets for the hire side of the business than he would have liked. Despite this though, in 2012 he invested heavily into new premises and hopes to soon pay that off so that he can invest into further property for the company and possibly expand more internationally to co-ordinate larger events for their clients.

Adam’s first year in business was what he classed as surprisingly successful as in the short term they had built up some good contacts and so they had a good flow of business already booked in. He learned early on that in order to grow a business it is imperative to invest quite heavily into both your stock assets and people with the right skills to be able to do the job well.