Christopher Gadd
In a nutshell:
Worldwide airbrush artist
Creative Services

Airbrush artist, working worldwide, pulling in teams of capable artists and theming specialists, working alongside sculptors and scenic artists.

After leaving school halfway through my A levels, I did a 4 year apprenticeship in engineering. Upon getting my qualifications I decided to take 6 months off, surfing and traveling along the coasts of Europe and ended up in Senegal West Africa. On return, I worked as an airbrush artist in the surf industry, and then on to do some airbrush work for a sign company, where I eventually became co-director of the company. After four stressful years, I made the decision to work by myself, no one else to blame if things went wrong.

Always treat people as you would expect to be treated. Respect has to be earned, you can’t buy it.

Initially it was extremely difficult to find work, especially as the work is so specialized. I kept pushing, making all the mistakes the newly self-employed make, such as taking on every bit of work and working ridiculous hours, but every step is a learning curve.

After an unsuccessful trade show, I was contacted out of the blue by a UK company asking if I would consider a short contract as a scenic artist. It was very challenging and much more rewarding than any of my previous work. The company called on my services regularly after that, and I eventually became lead artist for several theming companies.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on some amazing projects all over the world, alongside some equally amazing people. It’s been a great leveller in life, always an adventure, often challenging, and sometimes very humbling.

I’d like to pass on my experiences, hopefully to show with application and the right attitude it’s possible to achieve your goals.