Christopher Siores
SMM Restaurants Ltd
Business in a nutshell:
Social Media Marketing for the restaurant industry
Creative Services

Young entrepreneur and psychology student from Bangor University combined his background in psychology with his outstanding skills in online marketing to set up Social Media Marketing Restaurants Ltd (SMMR).


Having always wanted to be his own boss and to make use of what he’s learned at university Chris set up the company in January 2017.  He is aware that he is in the top 1% of people in the world who knows how to market effectively online across all mainstream media platforms and thereby set apart from the competition. ‘There is a clear gap in the market’ he says, ‘.. social media is the future of marketing and that is where my talents lie’.


SMMR is a Limited Company with expertise in branding, brand storytelling, social and internet marketing for restaurants. He says of the business ‘our job is to generate more sales for your business and to make sure you are up to date and successful with the use of social media services.  We also provide social media consulting and website optimisation strategies’. 










Chris recently took part in the Welsh Government funded ‘How to Freelance’ and ‘How to be a Consultant’ workshops available through B-Enterprising which helped him with some of the more practical aspects of business start up. He will also be seeking further support through the ‘Big Ideas Wales’ mentoring scheme.


He also had his business recently selected for the ‘Made in Bury Business Academy’ and as a result of membership has been given access to more funding and to two mentors who worked for Nike ad international managers.


With ambitions to go international with the business he is not deterred by the minor challenges he has encountered so far with issues such as setting up the web site and identifying the right people to hire. He would advise other would-be entrepreneurs ‘just start and learn along the way. There is never that perfect moment’.

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